We came out of project mangement department of one car dealership net operator. Can help you to manage your construction projects. If you cut you project group, if you are not satisfied with their work, but still would like to grow in crisys. If you still would like to release an opportunity of crisys.

Suggest you full engineering service for your development projects. We are able to organize and manage full set of services:

We has an experience (see our last projects) in emplementation of european ideas to russian realities (see our partners from abroad and local). Team is young, but high motivated. 25 people in company and over 300 under control. We are not interesting in stealing, beause we work on ourselves. We are not interesting to spread project schedule, because we have more if we finish in time.

Will be pleased to help you in Saint-Petersbourg and Kiev (Ukraine). Do not hesitate to contact +7 (812) 655 0239 or e-mail: mail@capen.ru.

Full English service is not implemented yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.